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Okay it’s been a while since I played the game but how the heck do Jade’s glasses suppress his magic abilities or whatever it was. Did he like make his eyeballs to source of all his power or whatever like what’s going on there

Jade has fonic sight with fifth fonons (hence why they’re red), and it’s a type of arte that is extremely difficult to control. The glasses have a different arte applied to it which acts as a suppressor so the fonic sight doesn’t go out of control. If you did the Soft Meanie sidequest for Jade, there was another man in Grand Chokmah that attempted it and had to be rushed off for medical intervention.

That’s very interesting!  I knew about the fonic sight and the sidequest, but not the fifth fonon = red eyes connection.  May I ask the source on that? :3

Jade says he had the fifth fonon specifically applied to his eyes in the game since he couldn’t wield the seventh (I believe in the sidequest, if not then in a different one, I’d have to go back and play again) and red is the colour that coincides with Efreet (fifth fonon). Also, In the anime, Jade had brown eyes as a child 


compared to red as an adult


The anime doesn’t really cover his fonic sight, however it does have the change in hue between younger and older so the studio acknowledged it when designing younger Jade (otherwise they would have just left it as red back then). They may have gone over it in the drama CDs or something but I haven’t heard all of them.

Though that doesn’t explain why Arietta has pink eyes and why Noir has purple…

Pardon me for randomly butting in. I sometimes read through text replies in #tales of the abyss and I have to say, this caught my attention.

Anyway, I don’t think it was ever stated in any official side material that eye color had a correlation with one’s affinity with a particular fonon. It is admittedly an interesting idea, but at the moment, it merely remains in the realm of headcanons. Outlandish eye colors (and hair colors) appear all the time in anime and video games, after all.

More importantly, I cannot recall any side material (or in-game quest) which states that Jade used fifth fonons to gain his fonic sight. In fact, this is my first time hearing of it. What I do know is that he applied fonic inscriptions (of an unnamed variety—which fonon or fonons were used, we do not know) to his eyes in order to enhance his fonon-gathering abilities (mentioned in-game and various official side material).

While it’s possible that the fifth fonon is somehow involved (along with the other fonons), I find it hard to believe that it was the sole fonon involved. Because if one thinks about it, applying fire (aka the fifth fonon) to one’s eyes is… pretty nuts. Even crazier than applying fonic inscriptions to one’s eyes. Though one can argue the same for the latter, I don’t think anyone in their right minds would apply fire directly on their eyes. Even through inscriptions or magic circles. It’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster (and a one-way ticket to blindness, or worse), and if I were a mage of sorts, I would find a way to balance the elements involved somehow. Of course, this is all pure conjecture—we don’t know the fonons involved in the fonic inscriptions used for fonic sight, after all.

Though to answer the OP’s question, Jade’s glasses are fontech, which act as a limiter for his fonic sight. Powerful as it is, Fonic Sight has the potential to go out of control. I wrote a small FAQ on Fonic Sight several months back, in case you want to know more about the arte. In any case, Jade didn’t make his eyes the source of all his power—it’s just pretty useful when he goes off to fry some monster’s behind or something to that effect.

nearavex asked:
How can I use that Danganronpa theme? I tried to install, but don't know how. ._.

Hi. Please follow the instructions listed here: http://dimensionslip.tumblr.com/faq

You might need to scroll down a bit to find the relevant instructions. If the above link doesn’t help, could you give me more details regarding the problem you encountered?

How come you got those but I didn’t? What did you have to do for that?

Ah, do ignore the above three prizes. They are leftovers from past events. As for Rita, you need to have an existing Bandai Namco ID or a new Bandai Namco ID in order to get a code for her.

It’s part of the same smartphone campaign as the one that’s going on with Tales of Asteria. Anyway, registration is free, and it’s a pretty straightforward process, doing so. I think you have to (or had to) select Japan as your country if you want to claim the codes, though.


Cover of the October 2014 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine
This issue includes a pin-up poster featuring an original illustration of Yuri Lowell by ufotable!


Cover of the October 2014 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine

This issue includes a pin-up poster featuring an original illustration of Yuri Lowell by ufotable!

(Source: twitpic.com)


Here’s some English version edits of the new character profiles that just went up a little bit ago. I tried to remember how I did the other ones but couldn’t find the right fonts again and gave up so sorry they’re so stylistically inconsistent ><
As usual, the information in these is varyingly different to the information in their famitsu profiles from last week, so there’s a few new tidbits in these.

Dead tired thanks to all the overtime I had to pull (this is the fifth straight workday in which I had to do so), but it was a pleasant surprise, coming across Bandai Namco’s smartphone festival event. So happy that the 4☆ Rita they were giving away is a mage type. c’:

And yes I ended up maxing her out the second I got her.


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