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This year the Valentines card I made for my boyfriend is based in his favorite game, Valkyrie Profile! It’s the 15th anniversary of its release too.

"It’s so beautiful! Do you think this might be… paradise?"

sakubao replied to your post: sakubao said:They do need more ab…

I would die happy if they had a Guy. I think I saw the Luke (w long hair) one at eh con I went to two weeks ago and it was pretty pricey. Beautiful tho.And yeah, it does pretty much lies in what’s big in the Tales world but who knows.

The Luke has switchable hair pieces. And if I recall correctly, the figure sells for about 15k~20k yen in the market now, and while it’s in my figure wishlist, just the mere fact that I have to pay about double for it kinda turns me off (amidst my wallet’s protests and all that). I’m thinking of just getting the latest Luke kuji prize figure as a substitute, in any case. Easier on the wallet, definitely.

We Abyss fans just have to keep our fingers crossed, then! c:

sakubao asked:
They do need more abyss figures ; w ; All I ever see are either Luke or Tear.

Indeed. I wish Alter made more Abyss figures! I’d love for them to make a Guy or a Jade, but I’d be just as happy to see any of the other cast members to accompany Luke in their Tales scale figure line.

Sadly though, it’s just wishful thinking for the most part. I hear that the Luke figure did not sell well at first (though right now it has more or less doubled in price thanks to it being out of print), and there’s no recent Abyss hype, so an Abyss figure is out of the question. Unless they want to take a big risk, or there’s going to be a big Abyss-related announcement soon.

Who knows, though. Maybe they’ll announce some Abyss-related thing in the following months or next year, though admittedly, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea on the end of BNGI because they already have Zestiria to deal with. Best if they have their audience concentrate on one thing at a time.

Abyss remake in Xillia graphics please.


Jude Mathis - Tales of Xillia 2 Soukyoku no Crossroad

Special thanks to Rena Chan for the scans.


Goofy sings the Kill la Kill Opening



I don’t know if you were asked this, but can you do the first opening to Kill la Kill?

I haven’t even seen this show, but I actually really love this song.


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