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Theme #01: P3P Menu
Credit: Audio Post Tutorial | Sidebar Image | Right Side Render

Static Preview/Code | Support

Theme #01, aka the product of leafing through Tumblr’s custom theme documentation and being extremely anal for the past few days. Intended to be a simple follower tribute for one of my other blogs.

This theme comes in two pre-customized flavors, MC and FeMC. You could also make your own color combinations, as I have made the colors customizable in the theme proper, among other things detailed below.

Installation instructions are under the cut. Please like or reblog if you plan to use this theme, and I hope you enjoy it! c:

Features/Customization Options:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • Infinite scroll/pagination
  • Show/hide image captions
  • Show/hide tags
  • Six (6) custom links
  • Customize/toggle size of status text (the small text field at the bottom right corner of the sidebar description)
  • (Optional) Background image (tiled), sidebar image (auto-resize to 270px width), right image (option to resize to 350px width)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Go to Tumblr’s customize page.
  2. Click on Edit HTML.
  3. Clear the editor and copy-paste the code there.
  4. Click Update Preview + Save (or just Save).
  5. Refresh the customize page and begin customizing!

*Note: If you are experiencing some problems regarding your old theme’s colors or images getting carried over, delete all the <meta> tags in the header. By <meta> tags, I mean the text that comes between {/block:Description} and <style type=”text/css”>. Delete that, save, refresh, copy-paste the code again, save, refresh, and you should be good to go!

*Another note: The right side image works best as a .png (with a transparent background). If you don’t want a right side image, you could always clear the content. c:

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