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you can blame this excerpt of a skype convo with the notorious retro:

-but yeah omg Kanji and Rise would be like…really goofy parents. LOOK AT OUR BABY, IT IS OBJECTIVELY THE BEST BABY. IT’S THE CUTEST AND WILL BEAT UP YOUR BABY-BABY FIGHT CLUB




you can blame this excerpt of a skype convo with the notorious retro:

-but yeah omg Kanji and Rise would be like…really goofy parents. LOOK AT OUR BABY, IT IS OBJECTIVELY THE BEST BABY. IT’S THE CUTEST AND WILL BEAT UP YOUR BABY



>The putrid scent of cat food drifts your way…

I don’t exactly own any cats; I just feed them when I can afford it. I think I’m taking care of a dozen by now, though…
As for if I prefer any kind of cat… No, I don’t actually. They’re all cats. Why would I prefer a certain kind?

And I’m fairly sure Uncle hasn’t noticed what I’m up to in the evenings.


So I had to do this. I blame Moguri for reminding me.

Eri, Yuuta, Kou, Daisuke, Yumi, Yosuke Ayane, Hisano, Chie, Yukiko, Shu Mrs. Tatsumi & Kanji Rise, Inoue Teddie Naoto Sayoko, Naoki, Saki... ...and Mitsuo. Adachi & Ai Nanako & Dojima



Aika & the Fox

P4GA; Episode 1:
Spot all the characters during the “Shadow World” music sequence


No, but, Teddie’s flirting, as annoying as it can be, is actually the saddest thing ever, hear me out.

By now, it’s pretty clear that Teddie is a self-aware Shadow of the same brand as Metis from P3FES.

By the end of P3FES, it was made very clear that all of Metis’ character traits were exaggerated versions of the traits Aigis had discarded due to her trauma. Her obsession with guarding Aigis like a sister-complex watchdog? An exaggeration of Aigis’ desire to protect her friends. Her whiny nature? An exaggeration of Aigis’ ability to cry in first place. Her tendency to act bratty? An exaggeration of Aigis’ self-confidence. All the traits she had abandoned for the sake of not being hurt anymore.

Do you know what that says about Teddie? It says the person who “expelled” him had given up on trying to be loved. That person had given up on ever having a friendship or a romantic relationship with anyone.

Teddie is acting the way he does because he’s literally desperately trying to counter-act someone else’ abandonment issues out of instinct. If that’s not a goddamn sad character trait to have, I don’t know what it is.

Why do think Adachi and Namatama's shadows appeared to possess them? could it have been because instead of rejecting or accepting them, they in a way believed what their exaggerated shadows would've said and caused them to take over?


Actually, that’s kind of what happened, yeah.

Jung had different concepts of “failed” individuation, so, basically character development gone awry and leading different kinds of mental breakdowns. One of them was “Identification with the Shadow”, and I think that’s what we were facing here.

"Identification with the Shadow", means, giving up on being a good person. Giving up entirely on who you want to be, giving in to all your urges, impulses and sudden desires, just, totally throwing up your arms and going "I’m done! Being human’s too hard! Take me, oh Shadow, take me away!!"

It’s letting the Shadow, all the stuff you would never show or let take control in a normal situation, take the wheel over your consciousness. Just acting on instinct and impulse, not on reason, just spouting the first bits of BS that come to your mind, just being absolutely out of control and reason. Thinking of what was actually supposed to be your Shadow as the only way for you to “be”, as your “reality” (Even though that is never exactly true.) Just utterly giving up on anything that requires even the slightest bit if restraint and strength of character.

Long Story Short: Having a breakdown and letting the Shadow take over your consciousness without resistance in a moment of weakness.

That’s what happen in Adachi’s and Namatame’s cases. It wasn’t a “Being in-tune” with the Shadow or anything like that. It were emotional breakdowns that led into (more or less) temporary insanity. That’s all. 


persona 4 tile!
made it for my personal blog but im a person who loves sharing


persona 4 tile!

made it for my personal blog but im a person who loves sharing

Reasons why Kanji Tatsumi is a good character.


  • He fought a gang of bikers and won because they were keeping his mother awake at night.
  • He is skilled at activities such as sewing and knitting and he’s ridiculously good at it, to the point that he can realistically give lessons and will run Tatsumi Textiles as an adult.
  • His S. Link had him help out a child with their missing doll while coming to terms with his deceased father, his parents’ effects on his upbringing, and his past in general.
  • Even though he sometimes gets involved in Yosuke’s bullshit, he’s never the one to willingly join in and always has to get manipulated into it because he won’t take part in it otherwise.
  • His critical hit involves him tossing his weapon at the target, kicking them, and then punching them hard enough to cause them to slide, even if they’re like twice his size.
  • When Naoto’s Shadow was being a Shadow, Kanji was the only one to really “get” what was going on and told everyone to let her let it all out and that they’ll kick the Shadow’s ass like usual.
  • Even though he’s hot-headed, he’s always willing to apologize for his actions and never makes excuses for them.
  • Golden gave him Power Charge, which combined with Primal Force, was fucking great.
  • His way of saving you from a fatal blow is by drop-kicking you out of the way.
  • He was willing to stop dying his hair in an attempt to change himself to not try to appear as a tough guy anymore.
  • All of his lines are great thanks to Troy Baker and Matt Mercer being good at voicing him.
  • He ate six Topsicles, which was more than Teddie’s five.

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