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Patreon Request: Akihiko Sanada - Persona 3


"I’d like to hear your take on Akihiko from Persona 3, if that’s all right? Since you’ve said you liked the Persona games, and his character type is a pretty good match for your voice, I think.  Specifically, I’d love your take on this bit from his Social Link, since it’s hilarious but doesn’t get voiced in-game."

I can’t do a Liam O’Brien impression, so this was definitely more of my own take, but the requester was happy with it, so that’s good.

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It’s empty, but at the same time it holds infinite possibilities

The complete Persona 3 print set! I’m almost done with the game myself so I thought I’d commemorate almost 2 years of play with this set~

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Pretty much

Isn’t Mitsuru’s Persona strong with ice? If my Persona is another side of me… and ice is my weakness… Is it just me or does there seem to be a connection there?


Akihiko, are you trying to make me angry? (◡‿◡✿)


The original S.E.E.S team.Thank you anon for the suggestion! I can’t wait for the first P3 movie I’m too excited!! I feel like doing lots of fanarts!! ヾ(。◕ヮ◕)ノ


The original S.E.E.S team.

Thank you anon for the suggestion! I can’t wait for the first P3 movie I’m too excited!! I feel like doing lots of fanarts!! ヾ(。◕◕)ノ


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