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First time I played P3P I chose music club because I felt playing the violin would fit MC (I don’t remember why??). Then I learnt that’s what he actually plays in FES.


Some snippets about Fuuka, from Creator Works, Soejima Shigenori’s Behind the Scenes, vol.19


  • at first she was supposed to be individualistic and rather geeky, but during the game she’d talk/argue a lot, so the staff expected her to become a love or hate character and, to Soejima’s disappointment, the idea was rejected
  • the design, however, proved to be popular, so it was reused for Chihiro


  • according to Hashino’s directions, Soejima aimed to make her like the announcers in sports anime who liven up the atmosphere with their commentary
  • in the end, Fuuka managed to have over 1500 battle lines

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