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I wish Junpei was my little league coach

Yup! I can see it now dood.


Software Developer by Day,
Aspiring Writer by Night.

Main fandoms: Persona 3/4,
Shingeki no Kyojin, Fate/Zero,
Tales of Series (mostly Abyss),
Dangan Ronpa

(with some Madoka and Pokemon thrown in)

Personal blog of a professional software developer who spends an inordinate amount of free time on Tumblr. Expect text posts and image posts about life, and perhaps some silly graphics and captions here and there. Occasionally, a fandom narrative and/or a Tumblr theme may appear as well.

Post queue is on.

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Taleslations - White Flower Translations

Currently reading: Shiro no Ashita: Jade's Side

Also: What in the world is this theme and why does it look so plain?