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And if you look to your right, you can see the majestic creature known as “Yosuke Hanamura” in his natural habitat.



Dear kittervalt,


Well, that was pointless. I mean, you’re saying in the end that Yosuke would never become like that guy, so why even make that comparison?


That’s an… interesting exercise of thought. Their outside persona was undoubtedly similar. However, I think Yosuke-san has a much more positive view in what the world offers, therefore being bored when missing out on it, whereas Adachi was just cynical to a fault, and his boredom was the result of thinking nothing was worth enjoying, period. At least, that’s my initial assumption…


They are completely different people. They made very different choices. They’re not alike anymore.


Damn right! Yosuke-senpai has nothing wrong going for him! Besides, ain’t Adachi’s true personality the one he showed us on the TV World? Yosuke-senpai’s true personality is right there with us! He ain’t hiding it.


Yeah! Our Yosuke is really who he shows us. Clumsy, wanting to be cool, a big dork.  It’s our Yosuke!


Yosuke would never do anything bad! Sure he can get a lot of things wrong and sometimes he’s just clueless or a killjoy, but he would never do something in that level…


Bored or not, discontent with Inaba or not, I don’t believe any of his personality to be fabricated around us. We all know about the Shadows, and therefore how everyone has repressed emotions and intentions inside of them. But I completely trust Yosuke. He’s come to terms with what he felt and befriended us since then. He’s a good person. And I’ll always be glad to have him at our side.


What do you say, partner?


… You guys…



Thanks. I really appreciate this…

~ The WHOLE Investigation Team


Persona 4
Yasoinaba Case File - Yu -

Art by: Sasakura Kou

Translator: Nenilein
Typesetter: DimensionSlip
Cleaners/Redrawers: StrawberrySonatina, DimensionSlip
Raw Provider: Anonymous
Quality Checker: EirlysTylluan

Page Count: 18
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The long overdue release for Yu’s scenario is now here! This chapter was heavy on the typesetting and redrawing side of things, but it’s done! We hope you enjoy taking part in Yu’s suffering as he caves in under the pressure of his beloved Social Links. ヾ(⊙ω⊙ )ゝ


((So, I was chatting with Puer-Yosuke!Mun about how it seems like we’re really not giving Yosuke a break, and then this happened…))


Last night, I dreamt Yukiko took Snape’s job as Potions professor, and she taught the class how to concoct Mystery Food X.



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